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2020.03.16 13:49

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As the custodian of Malaysia’s national oil and gas resources,
we explore, produce and deliver energy to meet society’s growing needs.
Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) is a global energy and solutions company, ranked amongst the largest corporations on Fortune Global 500®.
We seek opportunities in energy investments both in hydrocarbon and renewables across the globe and maximise value through our integrated business model. Our portfolio includes conventional and unconventional resources as well as a diverse range of fuel lubricant, and petrochemical products. This is further strengthened with a successful product delivery track record. Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do and our businesses are anchored on meeting their needs.
Our technology is our differentiator and the key to ensuring excellence in all that we offer – energy, products and solutions, as well as unlocking new business frontiers. Sustainability is at the core of everything that we do, as we believe in harnessing the good in energy to add quality to everyday lives. People are our strength and partners for growth. We believe in progressing with our partners in addressing the evolving needs in today’s changing energy landscape.
To learn more about us, please view or download our:



annual reports

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corporate profile​

These statements define PETRONAS as an organisation, guiding our corporate activities and policies, setting our course for the future.
Statement of Purpose

A progressive energy and solutions partner enriching lives for a sustainable future


Shared Values

Our values are embedded in our culture as the backbone of our business conduct, reflecting our sense of duty and responsibility in upholding our commitment towards contributing to the well-being of peoples and nations wherever we operate.


Loyal to corporation.


Honest and upright.


Strive for excellence.


United, trust and respect for each other.

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